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Forward it to EchoFox and READ the transcription and summary. FAST! Without leaving WhatsApp!

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Everything you need to stay on top of your voice messages

EchoFox is there for you 24/7. Right in your WhatsApp contacts. Forward it an voice message and it will promptly transcribe it.

Instant Transcriptions

Say goodbye to listening to lengthy voice messages. EchoFox provides rapid transcriptions, allowing you to read and comprehend the content quickly.

On-the-Go Access

EchoFox is available as a WhatsApp contact, ensuring you have access to your transcriptions anytime, anywhere. If you have a mobile phone and an internet connection, you have EchoFox. It's like having a personal assistant that's always with you, wherever you go.

Effortless Searchability

Easily search through transcriptions to quickly find crucial information. No more listening trough endless voice messages and entire conversations.

Enhanced Productivity

Focus on critical tasks and engage more effectively with clients. Spend less time deciphering messages and more time closing deals. By eliminating the need to listen to voice messages, we let you focus on smoother interactions, and improved decision-making.

In Your Language

EchoFox can transcribe voice messages in 90+ languages, with automatic language detection. No matter what language you or your clients speak, EchoFox has you covered.

Privacy First

We use advanced encryption to secure your transcriptions and don't store your voice messages. Your transcriptions are kept for 24hs so you can summarize them, and deleted right after. Enjoy all EchoFox features with the peace of mind that your data is safe and private.

How it Works

  1. 1

    Add EchoFox to your WhatsApp Contacts

    Subscribe to one of our plans and add EchoFox to your contacts. Bonus points for pining your conversation.

  2. 2

    Send or Forward a voice message to EchoFox in WhatsApp

    Need something transcribed? If you received a long audio, or you cannot (or don't want to) listen it right away, forward it to EchoFox.

  3. 3

    Receive the transcription right in WhatsApp!

    Now you can read the voice message you received! and if its too long, you can sumarize it too!

  4. 4

    Too long? tangled? Summarize it.

    EchoFox will summarize the transcription and detangle it for you, so you can make sense of those 1-minute-plus audios.

Learn how the Pros use EchoFox

This is genius. Instead of listening to 2-min-plus messages I receive all the time, now I read them. What's more, the summaries actually make sense of the tangled audio messages that I often needed to listen to twice!

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Julieta R. Entrepreneur Pro

GAME CHANGER! As a real estate agent, I'm always on the go and EchoFox allows me to quickly read transcriptions of voice messages from clients. It's like having a personal assistant in my pocket!

user review profile picture
Agustina M. Real Estate Agent Grow

While I'm with my young children, it's very difficult to listen to audios, sometimes because they make a lot of noise and other times because I can't make noise while they sleep or while I'm breastfeeding. And I have so many things on my mind, that it's also hard for me to concentrate to understand the audios, especially if they are long. Now I can read the audios I receive quickly and clearly with EchoFox!

user review profile picture
Anita Z. Mom of 2 toddlers Starter

Construction is as noisy as it gets. Listening to voice messages was impossible. EchoFox transcribes these messages for me, ensuring I never miss important information. It's a lifesaver!

user review profile picture
Martín P. Construction Site Manager Pro

Being in the kitchen most of the day makes it impossible for me to attentively listen to the voice messages from customers to take their orders. EchoFox is the solution I was looking for. I can read each order in detail and meet my customers' needs.

user review profile picture
Florencia T. Pastry Chef Pro

My assistant speaks English and Spanish. Every time I received a message from Brazil, I had to listen to it myself. Now, EchoFox helps both me and my assistant communicate in any language!

user review profile picture
Miguel H. General Manager Pro

I'm saving so much time with EchoFox! After each meeting or call, I simply send a voice message with my takeaways and key action points, which makes updating my CRM a breeze!

user review profile picture
Gustavo R. Sales Professional Grow

I'm now using it as a brain-dump every time I go for a walk, which helps me organize the ideas and projects I have in progress.

user review profile picture
Fran T. EchoFox Founder Pro

It's amazing for anyone who frequently receives audio messages. Whether you're in a noisy environment or simply don't want to play the audio out loud, EchoFox allows you to read the content instead. It's perfect for multitasking or maintaining privacy when others are around. Highly recommended!

user review profile picture
Marcela K. Teacher Starter

Every time I go on a site visit, I use EchoFox to transcribe my notes on the project's progress and the next steps with each contractor. Staying on top of my projects became SO much easier for me!

user review profile picture
Camila F. Architect Grow

My patients send me voice messages. With EchoFox, I can transcribe and summarize their audios right in WhatsApp! Keeping track of important details and ensuring nothing gets lost. Plus, it's of great help to maintain patient confidentiality!

user review profile picture
Elizabeth A. Clinical Doctor Grow

Being able to transcribe long audios from clients in seconds, helps me get deals moving faster!

user review profile picture
Carlos R. Real Estate Agent Grow

While I’m working I cannot listen to voice messages, so when my brother introduced me to EchoFox we tried different languages and it really did its job! It’s a great tool to use while in meetings, waiting rooms or any place where you cannot listen to your messages!

user review profile picture
Miss Belen T. Teacher Pro

EchoFox bot is super useful to me, I used it for work and it greatly streamlined my tasks. Moreover, it was very precise with the words and very efficient. I highly recommend it!

user review profile picture
Ines P. Journalist Pro

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Received a long audio in WhatsApp?

We've got you covered. Forward it to EchoFox and read the transcription & summary. Fast.